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Be w.o.m.e.n

we are

We are w.o.m.e.n. (Women Outside Moving Enjoying Nature)

We connect locally in a supportive and safe environment. We discover, share, motivate, and ignite the passion for the outdoors. We find new energy and balance through nature. We learn healthy habits and garner tips and tools to take our trailing experiences to the next level. We have fun, stay fit, and enjoy gourmet meals prepared by Raquel when we have organized events.


Our mission

women outdoors moving enjoying nature

The All Women Tribe [ w.o.m.e.n - women outdoors moving enjoying nature ] mission is to connect women and live by movement outdoors. We seek to create freedom of daily responsibilities, healthy daily habits, movement and ignite the passion for outdoors.

Finding inner and outer balance connecting in a safe environment with new and old friends. Empowering the us. Learn more

Upcoming Events

w.o.m.e.n Events

Join us for our upcoming events and adventure, explore, experience the outdoors with our community. Connect. Make new connections. Get fit. Enjoy gourmet meals outdoors.

Event Details 

If there was one word to express the feeling of being part of w.o.m.e.n

that word will be

Love—Helen Cherkis

Grateful—Kendra Crenshaw

Connection—Yevgeniya Shafer

Community. Expansion. Friendship (Sorry I can't follow directions)—Irene Weisman

Food—Ann Rea

Challenge but cheered—Joy Johnson

Spectacular! Or Delish—Victoria Ruskovoloshina

Breath to fresh air—Masha Barmina

Taken-care-of—Elena Izakson

Fun—Irina Tselikova

Inspiration—Carol Goya

Friendship—Linda Bowers

Something in between live and fun—Natasha Ermolova

Bondecise—Debbie Ahmadi

Empowered—Andrea Flores

Sisterhood—Jamie Rucki

New—Jennifer Zamora