Who we are

We are w.o.m.e.n a community of trail and outdoor enthusiasts. We offer women events, tips about trailing, (hiking, trekking, running, and walking! any pace is a good pace while on the trails ), healthy foods, and outdoor photography.

We also offer a space for women to connect. An active club for W.O.M.E.N (Women Outside Moving Enjoying Nature)  to connect in a supportive environment with other women interested to be outdoors, get fit, learn, be inspired, unplug, unwind, relax, and reconnect with nature experiencing trails together.

Our Mission

We share the outdoor life where we feel the most inspired, healthy, and connected. Through sharing nature and outdoor tips, experiences, and stories, we seek to create awareness of outdoor benefits worldwide, inspire other women to be out trailing, enjoy their relationship with nature, take a moment or many for pause, and appreciate the outdoors in all of their different aspects of use and gifts as much as we do. Our audience is women ready to create or renew a relationship with the outdoors. Seeking to foster a community that can connect off-trail, online at home, to make connections that can lead to new adventures outdoors as well as new personal connections.


Our Vision

Move outdoors with other women to inspire freedom of daily responsibilities, healthy daily habits, movement and ignite the passion for outdoors

Finding inner and outer balance connecting in a safe environment with new and old friends.

Empowering the us.