Moonlighting with Trailulive

Updated: May 14, 2019

The word is spreading. The fun. The food. The views!

Friends brought friends and 15 TUL W.O.M.E.N enjoyed every minute together from day to dark.

Once we reached our 'Pop-up Tapas' rest spot, it was on! Wine, cheers, Sangria, laughter, and the food disappeared!

As the night progressed and the weather brought us a significant chill, the contagious fun, bodies feeling refreshed from the hike, and with the moon showering us with her fullness, all were satisfied beyond.

Return trip. Headlamps on, a jig in each step, and the desire for more successful hikes to come!

Feeling hungry yet? Come join us...seriously!

Hike. Breathe. See. Taste. Enjoy. Be.

Your Trailulive Blog Manager/Editor/Writer

Sarah Bannwart

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