Summer 2019 RV-ing Road Trip Journal (chapter 1)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

July 29th... It's go time again. I was not feeling too prepared for this one. The main challenges where the distances between the destinations I was planning to go explore with my family. There was also the challenge of first-come-first-serve campgrounds instead of being able to book ahead of time. I needed to have a plan. I had to find a way to do a loop to ease the distances between spots to see.

I was spending a little bit of time every day researching areas around The Olympic National Park, which was our main destination, and so glad I did! I started finding locations I didn't even know where worth visiting! One of them was Sequim. Town known for its lavender fields.

Just 2 weeks before departure I managed to have a plan!

We were going to go towards Portland to reach Port Angel as final town destination before the National Park. It would take us 15 hours to get from Walnut Creek, CA to Port Angel, Washington... so for sure we needed a couple stops before getting there.

1st stop : PORTLAND

It was special to think we will stop there for me. When I was only 18 years old I had travelled as a student to that exact location. The new "us" chapter later in my life started here thinking of it now... It is hard to believe how one single decision you take can change your path you are living at the moment so drastically.

Here I was planning a road trip, and I would be going back to Portland again. Where I spent 6 weeks studying English and having my first US experience.

Plan was set. Now I had to set up the RV. Even though is always almost ready to go, I do need to rearrange things when we do road trips and of course add more food, etc...

We are ready, well, actually one more think to do is talk to the neighbors to take care of our pets.

Chad, my husband, gets home at 6PM. Takes us about an hour to go. My hope is to drive for 3 hours so then tomorrow we have less hours to drive to Portland. We made it to a Rest Stop, but not the one I was planning for, but not a big deal. They are all noisy, but work great when doing the long hours on the road to get to special destinations.

Chad was tired from driving after work and I personally do not like to drive at nights. We slept and continue with the driving.

I set the alarm to 5AM. Rested pretty well. Went through my regular routine. Wash face, body as I could without shower while at the same time water was getting hot for me on stove for my RV coffee. Chad was also up and ready to go around 5:30AM.

We had about 7 hours of traveling to get to Portland.

Driving that amount of hours is not the most fun part of road trips but like they say "It's the journey that makes the experiences not the destination"

During that time in RV is when we have the opportunity to connect with conversations, read, write journals, listen to music...

Cracking sunflowers seeds, journaling what you read here is how I spent those hours. Chad was getting tired. I took over and drove for 1 h and a half. He takes a morning nap while I drive the final stretch to Portland. Shane and Ariana are both reading.

Ps. I m done cracking seeds at this point. My mouth is dry and salty, but I see Portland signs... Yay! We made it.

To be continued...

Chapter 2 | Experiencing Portland from the river and Gondola

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