Summer 2019 RV-ing Road Trip Journal (chapter 2)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019


We made it to Portland!

I had 3 things in the plan to do. First on the list was to take the Gondola to check the city from above, then rent a motor boat for a couple/three hours so we could visit Portland from the Columbia River waters. It was a surprise for Shane and Ariana. Our kids.

I felt it was a fun plan to explore the city that way. A bit more adventurous, and unique— Stanton style.


It's is hot here in Portland. The air feels so clean! We park the RV by the water where the Gondola is located. We are all very excited to be here. There are many bikes parked by the Gondola and many more riding along the water. Fantastic bike paths everywhere. I have read that Portland is one of the most environmental city in the world. You can feel that right away when by the water-Columbia River, indeed.

The Gondola is not cheap. 5 bucks for a two minute ride to the top but it is in the plan to do so we stick to the plan and do it. What we didn't know is that the Gondola was basically a connector from 2 hospital buildings... We get the tickets and in a matter of minutes we go from standing in line to the top. It sure is a nice clear view of Portland, peaks such Mt. Hood, and Columbia River. We can also the many bridges Portland has.

At the top we take some pictures and that's pretty much it. Nothing else to do there. Sincerely it was a nice experience but I wouldn't repeat. Not worth the $20 we spent...

Now we are ready for the surprise experience of renting the boat and cruise around the Columbia river. At this point Chad had already shared that there was a surprise coming up. I wish he had not said anything because now they do not stop asking about it! So... mine as well tell them what it is that is coming!

They are so excited when we tell them what the surprise is!!! A very special moment to see the joy in their faces.

We call, make an appointment, hurry and pack a picnic bag. We are fortunate to park RV just right by the water. Head to port and there is the owner of the boat waiting for us. While I sign the necessary rental documents for the boat which required and excesive amount of initials!!!! the owner takes Chad out to show hime how to use the boat, what he doesn't know is that Chad has driven boats since he was 16. He sure doesn't need much teaching, but they are just following procedures... we get it!