Summer 2019 Rv-ing Road Trip Journal (chapter 3)

Portland to Sequim, Washington

Another sunny warm day in Portland. The plan today was to walk around downtown but we decide to just drive around it. We didn't feel it was much different than any other city downtown. I was actually a little bit disappointed to see many bumps in the streets. I remembered it so nice and clean. In a way, I wish we had not driven around. We had a wonderful day yesterday. The area by river where we were was nice and clean, leaving the city and seeing it as we saw was not what I expected. No need to walk around there, what we thought... So... moving again, and it's now time to cross states. Washington, Sequim is next.

We rent bikes as soon as we get there. This time we spent the night at John's Wayne Waterfront Resort. A place for Big Rig RVs. Actually, I was surprised to see how many Rv- Big Rig places there were in that area.

John Wayne Waterfront

We were not set in between the Big Rigs though. We actually had a spot at the overflow section of the Resort. And, we were sure happy about that. The way we like it is the easy way and the closer to the more outdoor feel.

That evening, we had a couple drinks and then decided to visit the closest lavender farm we had from the resort. It was an easy 2 mile bike ride to it. The road there was nothing special but the farm was charming. So beautiful to see the purple fields. The gentle breeze was also making the seeing even more special. What I was not aware of is the amount of bees that were on the lavender. It made it hard for us to walk in between them, and sure even harder to take some good photos while doing so.

We did take a bunch of photos. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to do wedding photography in that area.... After maximum half hour we returned back to the Resort. The sun was still out, and was nice to get back to see the sunset before going to bed. Surprisingly, we got rain at night!

To be continued....

(Chapter 2)

(day 4) SEQUIM- Friday 2nd, 2019