Summer 2019 | Rv-ing Road Trip Journal (chapter 4)

Sequim-Lavender Farm visit with bikes to Port Angeles

Daily RV routines are habits that feel as important as the places we visit. No day starts without coffee, and a nice healthy breakfast. Only then we can start visiting places...It's day 2 in Sequim and we are ready to ride to Soleil Lavender Farm. The map shows is about 7.5 miles away from our location.

Jardin du Soleil Lavender Farm

We hop on our rental bikes, crossing the rural town of Sequim without having much to see, but of course still fun to explore by bike instead of driving. We get our hearts going and there after a few up and down hills-nothing too steep we feel closer to the farms. We go from basic roads to travel through nice open fields. We are now 1 mile away. We see from the distance a purple flag, our sign that tells us we are there.

It's beautiful. Expansive areas of lavender cover the farm land with deep purple coloring. Rows of light brown paths make it ideal photos. I keep thinking how nice it would be to have more time just to take some creative photos, but when traveling with my family all I can do is document the moment, which is fine by me. The smell is pleasant but can't smell lavender. I feel that is interesting. They have a small shop and that is where we end our tour. Kids and Chad have a lavender ice scream. I check around for any nice thing to purchase but I m not in the mood to do so. We take a few more photos, and we are back riding.

We are moving fast. Some fast downhills brings the competitive of us to see who goes faster. Fun times! And just like that we are back at the resort.

We arrive at the resort and have some time to get a drink and some snacks before we pack and drive away to our next destination. Port Angeles.

We are not impressed by it. It's cool to think how close we are from Canada though. You can see it across the water. We are hungry and want to grab some lunch. There are not many restaurants but we end going to one that had nice Yelp reviews. There is a 45 minute wait time, which gives us enough time to walk around town. Shane and Ariana are walking around with their books. People often checking them out thinking how odd it is to see that nowadays, and really liking to see how they are not technology connected. We like that! Also, Simba, our furry English lab gets a lot of attention, he loves it!

Full tummies we are now ready to enter the Olympic National Park. Is past 5PM. The visitor center is closed, but it is ok. I got plenty of maps, books and notes about the park, no need for more.

Our first stop in the park is the known Hurricane Ridge. It's about 17 miles from Port Angeles. It's a winey road all the way to the top but nicely maintained. As soon as you enter the park you view green everywhere. Blankets of green trees. Mountains, peaks, with only some snow on the highest ones. Fog is rolling in. The temperature outside has dropped at least by 10 F. degrees. I feel the weather changes rapidly...

We arrive at our destination around 7PM. We park at the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center parking lot. At this time the parking lot is already empty. Only a couple of cars are parked and one of them is another Van with a family sitting outside enjoying the viewing.

We parked our motorhome by a nice picnic table and the views are there for us to enjoy fully. It's foggy but it comes and goes, which is actually pretty awesome to experience. At times you see all what the spot is known for, views! and other times in seconds we see nothing. Fog was rolling in and out fast. The sun was "popping" in between thick white clouds and we were able to experience the sunset.

While Chad and Ariana were outside sitting, and reading I grab a camera and walk to the Sunset Point for more views. A short and steep trail worth checking before night time.

Shane finds a friend and they both scoot around for a while. We spent the night up there, and get a nice sleep before our next day.

To be continued...