Summer 2019 | Rv-ing Road Trip Journal (chapter 6) Hobuck | Cape Flattery to La Push

We are up late today. Body needed the time to rest. It was feeling so sore from the 20 miles yesterday. We can barely walk to the El Sol Duc resort for breakfast. We have a yummy meal which was very well deserved after the effort.

It's time to head to the coast. Destinations around this national park are not really close from each other. A lot of times, you need to drive in and out in the same road and travel for over an hour destination to destination but It does give us a break from moving by foot, and also we then have time to read or I can personally write on my journal.

Our first visit in the coast is Cape Flattery. What a gorgeous spot!

They say is the furthest North point in USA. It's an easy walk to the point to admire the rocky coast. We move on but in order to continue down the coast we need to traverse back from where we came from. About an hour later we arrive to Ozette. The campground is full so we have to spend the night at the trailhead entrance. A deer family is around the parking lot, not fearing the visitors around at all. It's quiet now, probably most of the people are backpacking or already done with their visits.We arrive on time for dinner and just go to sleep.

In the morning we are ready for an easy 9.2 miles. I say easy because the path is flat from mile one to nine. A lot of the hiking is done over wood boards. The first 3 miles and the last 3. The middle is a walk on the isolated beach which is the hardest to walk on.

The board walk is in between trees and lush vegetation. The beach is totally the opposite.

The first thing I notice when getting there is how quiet it is. We can't hear any waves crushing the shore. The tide is super low. I feel a sense of peace, and also a unique feel of feeling I m actually walking on the moon!

We see tons of sea stacks, sea weed, tide pools. The tide is as low as it gets, indeed. A very grey rocky beach.... Right about the mid of the beach walk section we see the wedding rock and many other rock carvings from Indian times.

When we reach the end of the beach is sandy but only for a small section. We are back on the easy trail. 3 more miles to get back to the RV. We are now completing the triangle after 9.2 miles.

Back in the RV is time for more snacks and a cold drink, and we are moving again.

We need to reverse back again to Seiku, on 112 down to 101 to reach La Push.

At a small gas station they say that both towns have RV campgrounds and the one at La Push is by the ocean so we head there instead of Seiku.

We get a spot in the RV campground. It's not great but it has ocean views and is quiet. We are surrounded by RVs this time. Not our cup of tea but location is nice.

Tonight we will eat fajitas which are pretty easy to make and satisfies my picky eaters.

Full bellies we end the night watching a movie and going to bed.

Journey will continue next week...



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