Summer 2019 | Rv-ing Road Trip Journal (chapter 7) HOH RAIN FOREST, Olympic National Park

In the morning, I take a beach walk with Simba with a cup of coffee in hand. It's quiet, peaceful and beautifully grey. The sun is not shining yet but the water reflections in the sand are deeply meditative. I am now back in the RV. I get breakfast ready, and we chill for a couple of hours. Everybody is doing their thing... reading, checking mail, texting, researching things online. We are connected, and it is time to just use the opportunity to do the normal stuff when we are in locations that there is Wifi. Not what we choose to do often but sure nice to just catch up with a few things if we have connection./

Around 11AM we are moving again. This time moving to the HOH rainforest. Another hour traveling. We arrive to the visitor center and campground. We are lucky and find a spot by the river. We decide then we will spend two nights here.

It's sunny and warm. We left the fog behind. Kids put on flip flops and go walk on the crystal light greyish river while Chad gets the camp spot ready for 2 days. Barbecue stuff ready to be used shortly, games, and/or anything we might want to use outdoors while we camp in that camp spot.

While kids are playing in the river, I go check the visitor center. There are a lot of cars and people, and it's only Wednesday. Tomorrow, we will hike on the rain forest but today is our chill day.

We stopped at a supermarket at Forks which is the biggest town we have crossed so far in the park, and I buy supplies for the rest of the trip ( just a couple days left), plus some yummy fish that we plan on barbecuing tonight.

The chill day is coming to an end watching a movie in the RV.

We get up and things are wet outside. It rained last night!. I shouldn't be surprised... after all, we are in the rain forest, we were just lucky yesterday and enjoy full sun all day. The air smells super clean. I sit outside to take some notes in my journal while the family finishes breakfast.

We star our hike by the the visitor center. The first sections is pathed and easy to travel in. A couple miles in, the crowds are gone and feels nice but this time we are getting a little bit bored of hiking in the same environment. The trees are covered with moss, and it truly is magical but my family is not a fan of walking between trees for too long. We prefer to hike in locations with a lot more views which sure require to hike with more altitude but we feel is worth it. We end turning around before the end of the hike but we still have hiked 5 miles.

We go back to our camp spot and just chill. Sadly, we are almost done with this road trip. We only have a couple more coastal places to visit before we get home which we plan on doing tomorrow and from there we will start driving home.

Another great meal and we go to bed...

Journey will continue next week, and will complete the Road trip journal for this trip, I will then start a new journal to tell about 4th of July week Rv-ing experience in Oregon.



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