Summer 2019 | Rv-ing Road Trip Journal (chapter 8-The end) Olympic National Park

We have been visiting the Olympic National Park for about a week now. Today, we will be exiting it but before we do so, we have a couple other spots to visit. We are heading down the coast and main place to visit there is Ruby Beach. There are many other beaches around that area but time won't allow us to see them all so we opt to go to the most known one.

To get to Ruby Beach we need to trek for about a quarter mile down from the parking lot. We reach the bottom... it's gorgeous!!!. You get there and first thing you encounter is the logs, go over them and a long sandy beach with stacks is seeing in the distance. Beautiful. I grab my camera and get close to shore, reflection of the water is clear, and serenity is all I can feel now... Walk up and down the beach slow...capturing some waves crushing the shore, star fish in the rocks and views of the coast line.

The family are hanging out while I take my walk. Later Ariana stays sitting on a log while Chad and Shane join me in my walk.

We do not have too much time to hang out but time spent there is great.

We are moving again and now heading to Quinault Lake with the hope to find a campsite. Unfortunately all sites are taken so we opt to start traveling towards home. We have about 12 hours to get back. Family is now ready to be back home. The trip has been wonderful and we have truly enjoyed every visit.

One last stop at a Rest Stop and we are home.

Until next time!

Outdoor time with my family is a treasure that allows us to be connected, and we explore together what earth gives us. Never underestimate what we are given. Keep on traveling. Disconnect to connect again, alone, with friends or family. It's worth it!



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