The w.o.m.e.n Way of Social Interaction

Updated: Apr 5


We go, go, go and attempt to maintain family and kids' routines, manage duties, tasks providing and organizing for ourselves and others...are we able to fit time in for soul regenerating gatherings?

Socially interacting with others carries various benefits. Multiple health benefits that can assist in bringing somewhat of a balance back to our possibly over-stimulated lives. It can potentially lessen risks for Cardiovascular issues, lessen risks for Osteoporosis, Alzheimer. It can lower blood pressure, and also assist with depression. It also has body benefits such as weight loss, and many more!

So, W.O.M.E.N., how can we reap in all of these benefits and more? Don't know how to get started? Feeling a bit isolated or shy of gathering opportunities? Trailulive has a suggestion.

If you are living in or around or coming on holiday to the San Francisco Bay Area, come experience our guided hikes in the beautiful East Bay. Walnut Creek, California to be exact.

Our Trail Leader, Raquel Stanton plans gorgeous group hike with delicious, healthy, Spanish or Catalan cuisine from her home country to follow. Over the past 4 years, many individuals, four-legged included, have already come forward to meet, greet and connect with other regenerating soul-seeking participants as they come face to face with nature's bountiful golden hills, trails and perhaps some Spanish bubbly.

Consider this your personal invitation:

We wish to see you out there. Come alone, bring a friend or friends. Four-pawed or not. Gather with us and invite the benefits that nature continuously wishes to offer.

Meet you out on the Trailhead!

Your Trailulive Blog Manager/Editor/Writer

Sarah Bannwart

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