Trailing Uphill | Trailulive tips to assist the trail runner novice

As a novice, trail running can be sometimes mentally daunting, especially when we hit our first incline. Trailulive has some simple tips that can help you in your trailing uphill success. Where mentally daunting can become peace of mind.

Running trails in nature, the scenery, the feeling of vast space between you and the nonsensical world, your pace steady, breathing finally at ease, thoughts being left behind, mp3 tunes (or not) playing in your ear, you’ve got this…then you look ahead. Oh, it’s a hill. You see the top, you think not so far, body feels good…you’ve got this. You reach the top only to find another hill.

As a novice, a certain concern or concerns may enter your mind. A checklist enters amongst other things, water…..water….water, oxygen, feeling nausea….cell phone? (We’re sure there are a multitude of other funny and awkward scenarios)

I got this, you keep telling yourself. Midway up that second hill, you feel your gas going out and…. You… uh…stop. Hands on your hips, gasping for air, bent over. A feeling of defeat just might creep in. Well don’t give up, have no fear, simple tips for trailing uphill success are here!

When your running uphill it’s good to know your limits. Run where it makes sense and walk/hike where it makes sense. Keep it simple, if it’s steep and there’s no gas, feel no shame….walk it! You’re going to make it and if you keep at it, improvement and self- confidence will come along the way.

You can always find more resources on the net, but we have just a few things here to assist getting you prepared for that trail run.

*Hydration with additional supply on the body, know beforehand points along the trail way where hydration can take place.

*Like a downhill ski jumper, forward body alignment

*Neutral spine

*Know your limits!

*Faster cadence

*Don’t lunge

*Knees up high to keep those feet from dragging on some stones

*Patience! You’re going to make it to the top whether running or walking.

*Always take care of yourself before and after the run

*Good trail running shoes

*Make your pace your own

Bottom line…Enjoy yourself and be safe. It’s what Mother Nature wants us to do.

Trailulive Blogger

Sarah Bannwart