We are w.o.m.e.n

We are part of the contribution in the preservation of mountains and the outdoors.

We w.o.m.e.n play an extraordinary role supporting nature. May we continue inspiring many more women outdoors to enjoy all its benefits and preserve it for freedom.


At the Kilian Jornet Foundation we believe we can all contribute and invest in preserving our mountains and their environments with individual and joint actions. We are launching an online campaign next week from the 8-14th March to highlight the important role women play in the preservation of mountain regions and environments. We have had the opportunity to listen to unique and very enriching first hand experiences around the world. We would like to thank all organizations and women who participated for showing us a part of their relationship with mountains.

Gracias Abre tus Alas from Mexico, thank you W.O.M.E.N from California, Flm shüme Mrika Nikçi from Kosovo, Gràcies Míriam Marco , Gràcies Transpirenaica Social Solidaria from the Pyrenees, Asante Sana Stellah Njeri Kaburu from Kenya, dhanyabād Mira Rai from Nepal.

Extraordinary women who we admire profoundly!

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